5 Reasons to Choose a Charter School

Posted by: Karen Stabile   |   October 28, 2021

Parents strive to provide the best opportunities for their children to succeed. School is that place where young people spend much of their time. Every child is different, which is why school choice including charter schools is so critical. See myths and truths about charter schools. Read on for five ways that charter schools could benefit your child:

1. Charter schools close the achievement gap
The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) studies charter school performance on a consistent basis alongside the results of the county public school districts. The March 2019 edition of an FDOE report showed that a higher percentage of charter school students scored a level three or above on the statewide assessments in English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. A higher percentage of charter school students
made learning gains than students in traditional public schools. And, charter schools were shown to be more successful than traditional public schools in closing the achievement gap between white and African
American students, and between white and Hispanic students in nearly all grade levels.

2. Real-world learning
Traditional public schools may be rigid, meaning they have little room to deviate from the approved curriculum. Charter school teachers can be offered greater flexibility to adapt curriculum to real-world skills. You may here educational terms, such as “blended learning,” “project-based learning,” “authentic learning” and “career and college ready.” These are phrases used at the charter school to mean your child is being prepared for success beyond the classroom.

3. Smaller class sizes
Probably one of the most valued benefits of enrolling your child in a charter school is that they can have flexibility to create smaller class sizes. Both types of schools follow state laws about maximum classroom sizes; however, charter school administrators understand that small class sizes provide a competitive advantage when seeking more experienced teachers and engaged families. Smaller class sizes offer personalized attention to each student, which also means fewer classroom disruptions and more engaged learning.

4. More affordable alternative to private school
Charter schools get their funds from public tax dollars. There is a misconception that funds are siphoned away from public schools to fund charter schools. In fact, charter and traditional public schools have nearly the same funding formula based entirely on the student enrollment in the school building. Charter schools simply have a different business and management structure, which can me less “red tape.” A small-school environment with the absence of tuition means parents – especially those with multiple children – can breath a sigh of relief.

5. Parent involvement and community participation
Charter schools commonly attract parents who want to be involved in their children’s education. The administrative team and independent board of directors also work to build partnerships with businesses and community organizations prior to receiving approval by the county public school district. The charter school was likely initiated out of a grassroots effort. For example, families may have been seeking more responsive schools in a specific neighborhood. Engagement offers a recipe for success.

Why Choose San Jose Schools?

This tuition-free charter school system, San Jose Schools, offers an abundance of choice to fit nearly every family’s needs in Northeast Florida.

San Jose Prep is an A-rated middle-high school located centrally in the Mandarin neighborhood of Jacksonville. It has been in operation since 2013, and it is recognized for its Early College program, Career Academies, competitive and award-winning clubs like Robotics and Theater, and its up-and-coming sports program. It shares a campus (although different buildings) with San Jose Primary, grades K-5, with an exceptional hands-on program for science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

San Jose Cyber Academy serves families who are seeking rigorous online home education in K-12. Students learn via live virtual classes, multimedia and via hands-on activities with a learning coach in grades K-6. Students in grades 7-12 can take advantage of synchronous and asynchronous resources to learn at their best rate. High school students have access to standard, honors and AP courses, plus numerous electives and instructional support tools. San Jose Cyber Academy offers Florida-resident students free full-time enrollment that leads to a Florida-approved diploma, individual (part-time) courses or GED preparation with a free GED test.

Our newest addition is San Jose Early College at Cecil, which will open in August 2022, to expand school choice and college and career readiness to Jacksonville’s Westside.