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Use the links on the right to enroll now and to find other information about the admissions process at San Jose Prep. Answers to frequently asked questions are presented below:

How do I enroll my child at San Jose Schools?
To begin the enrollment process, visit the school's enrollment page on this site to submit a pre-enrollment form. After your pre-enrollment form has been received, the school will contact you to confirm receipt, and formal enrollment documents will be made available to you as soon as possible.

Does submitting an application guarantee my child a seat at San Jose Schools?
Not necessarily. In the event that the demand exceeds the seats available, San Jose Schools will conduct a random lottery to determine who is able to enroll.

When will the Lottery occur?
Please contact the school for details.

How much does it cost to attend San Jose Schools?
San Jose Schools are publicly funded charter schools. There is no tuition charged to attend a charter school. Charter schools are funded based on the per student allocation provide by each state or district. On occasion we may ask for parents to contribute money to cover the cost of field trips or a unique classroom experience.

What can you tell me about the school's curriculum?
San Jose provides a unique environment which emphasizes high academic achievement through the use of state of the art technology and innovative but proven educational methods. We prepare students to successfully compete in an increasingly competitive post-secondary environment and the global job market.