AP Capstone Diploma makes college accessible to all

San Jose Preparatory High School is the only charter school in Jacksonville to offer the AP Capstone Diploma Program. Learn more at our OPEN HOUSE: June 12 & 26, July 10 & 31, at 6 pm.
Our students use AP Capstone to get a head start on earning college credits. The AP Capstone Diploma is different from other AP programs, in that it builds a scaffolding that allows nearly any student to succeed at college-level academics.
AP credits can give your child a head start on completing college. An AP score of 3 or higher gives your child college credit. Many universities will allow students to bypass general education requirements when they score a 4 or 5 on an AP exam. This shortens the length - and cost - of their undergraduate program. It may also allow your young adult the time freedom to pursue internships and study abroad programs that increase their opportunities in the job market post-college.
San Jose Schools’ AP Capstone Diploma Program is all the more reason to help your teen prepare for her/his AP exams. Resources like the College Board website, Khan Academy website and AP study guides at the library, on Amazon.com or at your local bookstore are excellent options.
You don’t have to be a college graduate, yourself, to empower your teen to succeed! It starts in the classroom when your child shows up on time and participates fully in homework, projects and volunteer opportunities. It continues at home when parents ask their children about their school day, value high grades, ask for help and provide outside college-prep resources and generally celebrate their children’s successes.
Learn more about San Jose Schools, serving students grades 6-12 from Northeast Florida. Visit our campus June 12 or 26, or July 10 or 31. Call (904) 425-1725 to schedule your tour. Our campus is conveniently located near San Jose Blvd., Baymeadows Road, Philips Hwy, I-295 and I-95.
We encourage our current families to invite their neighbors and friends to learn about the benefits of an education from San Jose Academy & Preparatory High School.