Team Sports Deliver More Than Trophies

Forming a community of dedicated, well-rounded, motivated learners

Many of us will agree that athletics that begin in the school years teach skills and life lessons that can last our entire lifetime.

Pre-K and primary students

The Primary School program includes gym and physical play on a brand new playground. School leaders expect to expand after-school offerings as COVID-19 cases continue to decline. The Pre-K children also get plenty of time at play inside and out with the Play, Learn, Grow educational model.

Middle and high school students

San Jose students can begin as early as middle school participating in competitive athletics. They play middle school and Varsity for girls and boys basketball; JV and Varsity for girls and boys volleyball; cheerleading; cross country running; and track and field. Soccer is played as a club sport; however, in 2022 it will launch teams for JV and Varsity. Middle and high school students are invited to participate in every sport offered in the San Jose Schools.

Whole-campus events

One of the benefits of Pre-K thru 12 on a single campus is the ability to host whole-campus activities, such as seasonal festivals, a storybook parade around Halloween time and field days. These engage students in physical activity. They also build community, help older students become role models and giving younger students positive examples they can emulate and aspire to become.

One of our greatest whole-campus wins in 2021-22, which was led by our athletic director and San Jose Prep sports teams, has been "Dress-for-Success Thursdays." This started as a voluntary "Suit-and-Tie Thursday" for young men in the high school to demonstrate pride and learn real-life business skills. It has ballooned to include many more students - boys and girls in elementary, middle and high school - choosing to dress up in their most professional clothing once a week. Instead of a "dress-down day," San Jose students now get excited for a "dress-up day."

Prep - athletics
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