Blended Learning

Best of In-Person and Online Education

Differentiation makes the difference

The Blended Learning Model is much more than creating technology-rich classrooms. Blended learning means there is an organized strategy to meet the needs of every type of learner by combining in-person and technologically driven instruction:

“To truly blend learning, teachers need to weave together the classroom and virtual educational media. It's crucial for students to see that the work they do in the online space drives the work they do in the classroom, so they recognize the value of the online conversations” (Tucker, 2013).

Successful blended learning shares five key elements: Live events/instruction, online content with self-paced learning, collaboration, assessment and access to reference materials. One does not replace the other, and they must all be present, relevant and connected with each other to achieve blended learning.

In the Blended Learning Model, students are empowered with around-the-clock access to their academics and the ability to self-monitor progress. This develops initiative. Teachers use digital tools to help them monitor student progress, which allows them to individualize support. Students who excel, for example show mastery of a subject/skill, may be invited to become peer mentors. Peer mentoring is an important tool in this model. It increases confidence for both parties, reinforces academic and skill-based material, demonstrates real-world collaboration and improves engagement by stakeholders in the entire educational process.

Blended learning techniques look different for our brick-and-mortar schools compared to our online school. Our educators receive ongoing professional development to ensure expert use.

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