Career Academies 6-12

Career and Technical Education

Graduate high school career-ready

It is documented nationally that 95 percent of students who participate in career and technical education (CTE) programs will follow through to graduation. That is a full 10 percentage points higher than the national average for all high schoolers.

At San Jose Schools, CTE goes hand in hand with high quality core academics.

The foundation for career education is laid in middle school. We offer an elective, "Orientation to Career Clusters," to introduce employability skills. Middle school students are also supported to earn Digital Tool Certificates in areas such as word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia presentations, digital arts, cybersecurity and coding. Teachers use engaging instruction and captivating curriculum to infuse digital skills and empower students to develop these skills.

In high school, students are invited to enroll in a Career Academy based on their personal interests. An academy includes core academic courses, skill-based courses, industry certifications and work-based learning. Examples of Career Academies that have or will launch at our high schools include Culinary Arts, Information Technology, Financial Technology, Early Childhood Education and Aviation.

Students who take a career-oriented pathway, may choose between a 24-credit standard diploma and the 18-credit CTE Pathway to Graduation. Either way, these students are prepared to earn competitive wages right out of high school.

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