College Prep 6-12

College Preparation

Students begin as early as middle school prepping with the academic courses and skills to be effective learners in college or other post-secondary education pathways.

AP Capstone Diploma

This program offers additional scaffolding so that students from a wider range of academic backgrounds master Advanced Placement courses. AP Capstone Diploma earners score 3 or higher in six AP courses, with two of those being AP Research and AP Seminar.

According to the College Board, AP Capstone gives students the following pedagogical foundation, called the QUEST framework, to develop, practice, and hone their critical and creative thinking skills as they make connections between various issues and their own lives:

  • Question and explore
  • Understand and analyze arguments
  • Evaluate multiple perspectives
  • Synthesize ideas
  • Team, transform and transmit

Early College

High school students in our schools are encouraged to dual enroll with Florida State College of Jacksonville or with a partner online university program to earn college credits. These credits are free of charge for families, and they can give students a leg-up when they apply for post-secondary programs. Some of our most academically advanced students take enough courses to graduate with a high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree at the same time.

Graduation caps
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