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Senior Permission To Leave Campus for Lunch

San Jose Preparatory High School

I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to leave the campus of San Jose High School during the lunch period.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If a student does not return to school after lunch their absence will be recorded as truancy and will not be able to be cleared with a parent note.

I understand there is no school supervision off-campus.  I release San Jose Preparatory High School from all liability during the lunch period when my son/daughter is off-campus.  I understand that permission to leave campus at lunch may be revoked by San Jose Preparatory High School if the behavior of my son/daughter is not satisfactory.  I also understand that permission to leave campus may be revoked if tardiness becomes a problem.

Counselor Appointment Form

School Social Worker Counseling Referral Form

If this is a crisis situation, please contact the school social worker or other support staff as soon as possible and complete this form later.

School counseling/social work services are available to every student.  Particularly in a crisis situation, these services should be immediately available.  Every effort will be made to include parent(s)/guardian(s) in treatment planning.  Written consent will be required for ongoing services.

Please include objective observations and relevent information regarding the student's current needs and history.

Media Release Form

San Jose Schools will use student and adult photographs, video, and voice recordings for many purposes.

Internally, these materials may appear in print, on our Website, (as photos, videos, and/or podcasts), and/or in presentations. The news media -both in print and online- may use them in school-related news coverage, in productions aired on television and/or the Web or in similar forms of communication.

This form allows you as a parent/guardian or adult ot choose whether or not you/your child may appear in any of these various media formats and illustrations used by, San Jose Schools and/or the news media.

Please Choose One:

Parent Contract

I/We, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the below-named student, in consideration of the enrollment of my/our child in San Jose Academy & Preparatory High School do hereby agree to the following:

  1. I understand that this school is governed by a Governing Board.
  2. By my personal participation, I will assist the school in making learning a primary goal for my child.
  3. I will supervise my child’s homework to ensure that all assignments are completed on schedule.  I will not make excuses for late/missing assignments.  I will establish a homework location in the home.
  4. I will ensure that my child is dressed in uniform clothing in accordance with the dress code established by San Jose Schools.  As stated in the student handbook, if my child comes to school out of uniform, I will bring my student the appropriate clothing as soon as I am contacted.
  5. My child will be sent to school healthy, clean, well-rested and prepared to learn with proper supplies.
  6. I will have two academic conferences by phone, email or in person with my child’s teacher(s) as requested.  I will schedule conferences because I am aware that impromptu conferences are not appropriate.
  7. I will volunteer my time according to the needs of the school, which are currently twenty (20) hours per year, by agreeing to accept a fair share of the work to be done as directed by the Governing Board and/or Administration.
  8. I understand that practicing civic responsibility is an important part of the learning experience at the school; therefore, I will provide or arrange for transportation for my child to school-organized volunteer community activities or I will provide reasonable notice to the school if I need assistance to find transportation for my child.
  9. I understand that this contract is an agreement with all other parents in the school to support the faculty, staff, and volunteers as they work to help me make my child a productive, cooperative member of San Jose Schools and the community at large.
  10. I understand that after reasonable interventions pertaining to discipline and academics have been attempted with limited success, the Governing Board has the authority to recommend that a child be withdrawn from San Jose Schools if either of the following circumstances occur:
    1. Student’s behavior violates the Code of Student Conduct which I have read and understand;
    2. The parent(s) or guardian(s) fail to take responsibility for the conduct of the student or fail to cooperate with the school in efforts to correct the student’s behavior; and/or
      I understand that any student dismissed from San Jose Schools is entitled to enroll in a public school in the district in which the student resides so long as the student would not have been subject to suspension or expulsion under the disciplinary policy of the local school system for the conduct which gave rise to the suspension or expulsion.
  11. I understand the policy of San Jose Schools is to promote students from grade to grade based solely on academic performance.
  12. I will keep the school informed of a current phone number and address where I can be reached during daytime hours, and be immediately available to come to the school if requested.

Student Information

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Student-Parent Handbook

We acknowledge that we have received a copy of the San Jose Schools Parent-Student Handbook.  We understand that it contains important informationon policies and prodedures.  We realize this handbook is not intended to cover every situation which may arise but is simply a gereral guide to refer to.

We understand that is it our responsibility to familiarize ourselves with the information and that we agree with the policies and rules of the school.

We further understand and acknowledge that San Jose Schools may change, and or delete any policies or provisions in this handbook as it sees fit in its sole judgment and discretion.

We acknowledge and understand that this Student-Parent Handbook supersedes and replaces any and all prior handbooks or materials previously distributed.

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