School Board

Jacksonville School Board

We are a self-governed school that does not employ a charter management company, nor an education service provider, nor a charter management organization.

Any inquiries regarding San Jose Academy or Preparatory High Schools should be directed to Alan Hall, Executive Director, at (904)425-1725 or

Governing Board Members

  • Sarah Mathis - Chairperson

  • Bonnie Arnold - Vice-Chair/Past President

  • Jerry Jeakle - Treasurer

  • Melinda Powers - Secretary

  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez - Board Member

Next Board Meetings 

June 20, 2019 @ 6pm

Parent Liason

San Jose Academy and Preparatory High School's Board Liaison is:

Bethany Shelton
4072 Sunbeam Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32257


Performance Reports

2013-2014 F F
2014-2015 C D
2015-2016 C C
2016-2017 C C
2017-2018 C C