Student Services

Student Services

Supporting students and their families

San Jose Schools is distinct in Florida for its methodologies, outreach, academic rigor, flexibility, student access to technology, and partnerships with professional organizations, community groups and local businesses. We offer services that go above and beyond meeting basic academic needs. These include but are not limited to:

  • Free breakfast and lunch
  • Access to technology that meets the program demands of STEAM, Career Academies and the Blended Learning Model
  • Safe access to public transit to increase accessibility
  • Graduation coach
  • Social worker for students and their families
  • ESE, ELL and other service providers on campus
  • Security measures that exceed state regulations

Graduation Coach

Every high school student is partnered with a Graduation Coach. This person meets with the young person and their family consistently to determine the most advantageous graduation pathway and course selections to meet their goals. This person ensures that the student has considered all options for successful outcomes beyond high school. At San Jose Schools, every student who participates in the graduation ceremony has demonstrated that they have been accepted to a college/university, a trades school, other career training, a job or a branch of the military. These life-changing decisions and opportunities are celebrated throughout Senior Week and on the day of graduation.

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